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Rodney Wilts

Rodney is an experienced real estate developer and investor with a passion for building better communities. He loves empowering others to create quality developments and improving our built environment. He has played an executive role on a series of ambitious real estate development projects, including five LEED Platinum projects. Currently, he and his partners are bringing to life a 4-million square foot mixed-use development, powered by a zero carbon district energy system, a deal he originated and led the master planning for.

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10 Essential Elements to a Successful
Real Estate Development

An immersive dive into the world of development.

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Our course is divided into nine separate but related modules that, together, will give you the ability and knowhow to begin your real estate development journey.

10 Things Every Aspiring Real Estate Developer Needs to Get Started

A great piece of land is only one piece of the puzzle. This module sets the table for the rest of the course by outlining 10 essential components that go into a successful real estate development project.

The Land

Land is the defining feature of real estate development. This module provides you with the criteria to make informed decisions on property selection, gives you a due diligence checklist, and walks you through how to secure the property to allow for development.

Joint Ventures

For new developers, joint ventures can be a great way to mitigate risk, lower your cash requirements, or take on larger projects. This module defines what joint ventures are, explains different kinds of joint ventures, and helps you structure partnerships while managing risk.

Building A Pro Forma

The pro forma is a spreadsheet that includes all of your anticipated costs and revenues—it is a critical tool for any real estate developer. This module defines what goes into a pro forma, how to use a pro forma during the development process, and how to go about creating one.

Assembling Your 
All-Star Team

Real estate development is a team sport. This module identifies the team members you are going to need, how to select them, and gives tips on how to get them under contract and align interests to meet your objectives.

Financing A Project

Nearly all development projects involve some financing. Financing a project is an art and a science. This module outlines different opportunities for financing, what your lender will be looking for, and demystifies some of the finance terms that can befuddle a new developer.

Selling & Marketing

Real estate development projects need an end-user to be successful. This module will unpack what it takes to market and sell (or lease) a project, how to budget appropriately, and how to market test new development projects.

Getting it Built

Construction is the best and worst part of real estate development projects. It is notorious for being behind schedule and over-budget. This module outlines different construction models, how to create alignment with your constructor and discusses strategies to minimize your risk.

Getting Investors Onboard

Getting investors for your real estate development project can enable you to take on larger, bolder and quicker projects. This module describes how to attract investors, the returns they will be looking for, and gives you the elements investors will want in an investor package.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Accelerate your knowledge and mitigate the very real risks associated with real estate development. Learn the language.  Know what questions to ask.  Best of all, walk away with a proven process for getting your next project off the ground and rolling.

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I've always wondered what it takes to lead a real estate development. I have yet to find a more practical and comprehensive course with this level of instruction and production. Rodney is an awesome teacher and developer. 


Thomas Cumberbatch
CEO Godzspeed Communications

As a real estate brokerage owner, investor, and aspiring developer I was looking to take my career to the next level. "Build Now" has broken down all of the key steps necessary to turn my existing real estate and investing knowledge  into the start of my first real estate development. Rodney makes it very simple to grasp the concepts around a successful real estate development.


Max Damour
Real Estate Brokerage Owner & now Developer

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